Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love moss!

Here is a little patch I found in my backyard! Please do not burst my bubble and tell me its something different =) hee hee, thank you! Ignorance is bliss in this little case!

I'm a huge lover of anything cement...and anything cement that has moss growing on it. One of the dealers we ran across in Alameda had beautiful statuary with moss covering each piece. I was in love! 

My little dogs (Frank and Min Min) and I walk everyday and here are some places I run across that have given me a new breath and inspiration. I love to stop and snap a pic!

Blogging has been a bit hard for me this New Year (I have no clue why) so I am making a vow to myself to be better about sharing beautiful things that I get to experience through Lolo's and my little Glam days. 
I also want to start a separate blog that explores my passions outside of business like my deep passion for fashion, fashion, and more fashion. I am setting very lofty goals here: be more dedicated to my biz blog while starting a new one...we'll see! I'm hopeful! 

Lolo's will be at Rose Bowl this Sunday so please stop by and give a hug!


  1. hey girlfriend!!! I miss you! I will be looking for a "goose" luv U! xokathee

  2. Great to be inspired and spurred on by someone as loving and passionate as you! My daughter and best friend! Much love to you in your very attainable goals of blogging. I am your number one fan!


  3. Kathee! We miss you too! You must be super busy buzzing around with the horses and Jardin business! We will see you Sunday and maybe I can sneak up on you again!! Hee hee! Big Hug!