Sunday, August 29, 2010

Urban Barn Paris Painting!!

Spent Saturday afternoon learning how to paint a "vintage Paris sign" at Urban Barn! So fun and the ladies in the class were so sweet and inspiring! They gave me a breath of fresh air and inspiration for the biz - GIRL POWER! It is a little scary walking away from the corporate job and diving head first into this shabby glam business with my AMAZING mom. She is the creative genius that can see potential in a rusty, spring mattress or a 50 year old Christmas tree stand....that was pushing it =) I am trying to be the practical business savvy daughter that needs to learn to let go of practical, put the designer duds back in the closet and get dirty! I'm doing this with my best friend, aka the MeeMa, the lil' sweetie who has a heart of platinum and diamonds, and a passion for chippy rusty chic!

It's all or ....well, all - there is no other option! =) The little over achiever in me!

Glam - Glam - Glam - its what we love and do!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Under Major Construction

In the process of building inventory and getting the pictures! Stay tuned for our flea market travels and Lolo Chateau up-and-comings! Glam! Glam! Glam!