Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for so much!!

Linebarger Horse Stables in Spangle, WA
(outside of Spokane)

Spending Thanksgiving in Spokane, WA with my hubby's family and adjusting to the freezing cold weather! I have never been in weather below 50 degrees F so imagine my shock when we walk out of the airport (me on my cell, of course) in zero degree weather! It hurt my lungs it was so chilly! Though, I will admit the clean, crisp, freezing air was refreshing and new! Happy Thanksgiving in the snow!

The Glam Girls have been hustlin' booty this fall season working on new product and Christmas cheer! Markets have been keeping us busy and creative, alongside searching for new venues to attend and explore. I  will be better about posting our latest greatest adventures this winter!

Today I am thankful for my amazing business partner and little midge, my Mom. It is amazing to me the balance of creativity and business sense we each bring to the table. We constantly remind each other to be true to what we love and create for us. We started this little glam business for the pure excitement of seeing beauty in rust and spending our work days together! I am so thankful for this plan and path!

When I return to warmer weather I will post some pics of new product and the fun we've been having! I am so thankful for this little glam business and the beauty that it brings!

Next weekend we will be shopping Alameda Market and supporting our TATTERED GIRLS who have a booth there! So excited! 

Lots of thankful JuJu! Love this life and my job!

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Month!!

Hong Kong has really messed up my internal clock! No excuses, I need to bust out the camera  and update my little blog!!! 

MeeMa has been gone up north and I have been "crafting" away for our Christmas product. Not being a crafty girl, this has really pushed my metal limits but many good things have come from it and it is only November 1 =) 

Many great things to come for the shabby glam girls =) Getting ready for Lolo's Ventura, Ca, market this Sunday the 7th and also my 1 yr wedding anniversary!! I would have never guessed I would be up to my elbows in rust and burlap a year after marrying the most amazing man in the world!!!

Yeah November =) Love it!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's been a minute......

It's been a minute.....
My hubby and I were in Honk Kong on vaca for 9 days then a bright and early day at the Pasadena Rose Bowl for our usual 2nd Sunday of every month. For anyone who was there you know how stinkin' hot it was! 
Though it is always worth it to see our returning fans and the new bright stars like Micheal who walked away with our beloved-chippy wood bowling pins (my personal favorites). Towards the end of the afternoon we were getting goofy from the heat and my husband was giving the on-goers free shade with his golf umbrella! It was a site to see and laugh about! 
If anything, he taught me to loosen-up and have some fun...bust that giv'a damn - who cares!
More fun to come from the Glam Girls...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a thought...

As I usually do, I get lost in "blog land" looking at all the beautiful projects and feeling inspiration from other shabby glam (also known as, Vintage or Cottage Fab-o-ness) entrepreneur  women in the biz - especially those outside of California getting ready for Fall. If  it wasn't 90 degrees outside I could at least have a thought about pumpkins and baking...ha, really though, baking... I make myself giggle! 

On a serious side, I feel so inspired and thankful for this little path and journey with my Mom. Even though I don't like being dirty and hate dry hands - it's 100% worth it, of course!

I can't wait for all the things to come and all the opportunities we will have waiting for us! Right now we are super focused on the baby steps, creating glam and building our business. 

  I am so happy and filled with the warm-fuzzies to be a little part of something so grand and beautiful. Who knew paint and rust would have such an effect =)

One day, I want to be the one inspiring the little shabby businesses and women looking to me for inspiration and glam =) 

Here is to another beautiful week and a huge thank you to my amazing hubby for the unconditional support.

Love Lolo


Monday, September 27, 2010

Glam Weekend

It's always fun and a learning experience each time we attend a market.
I am so blessed to do what I love and do it with my bestie who also happens to be my Mom!
See you at the Rose Bowl October 10, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Junkin' in the brooks.....

Things will be stripped of their original fabric....
Paint will fly...
Burlap will  be the star.....
Shabby Glam will reign supreme...

Anything Rust is a MUST!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christie and Rita's Vintage Faire!!

Always a pleasure to see the local glam girls with their goods and adorned tents filled to the brim with goodies!! Thanks to Christie for always being the sweetest and having the most beautiful product (had to buy a little piece of Chateau de Fleurs, of course)! Also, couldn't leave without a necklace and charm from Rita!!!! Awesome ladies and keep on inspiring!!!
Glam - Glam - Glam

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rose Bowl Sep 2010

What an amazing experience!! I learned so much from my Mom and our sweet customers =) I am inspired to work harder than ever and make this dream our reality forever!!!! I guess I am out of words =) Who would ever guess!

Glam - Glam - Glam

Flea Market Outfit...oh my

2 Lil Cuties in the background

Our lil treasures

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Junkin' Girls Labor Day Weekend

~ Just a sneak peak of little accessories ~
At the cottage with MeeMa and we have been on a treasure hunt weekend! From yard sales to backyard "pickin" (as some have called it) but we found a truck load of amazing, rusted goodies. Getting geared up for the next couple months of markets!
We are starting to realize that we have our own little twist on shabby and our view of glam home decor. It's exciting for us but we want others to feel the excitement and love when they get to put that little treasure in their home!
Shabby Glam!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Urban Barn Paris Painting!!

Spent Saturday afternoon learning how to paint a "vintage Paris sign" at Urban Barn! So fun and the ladies in the class were so sweet and inspiring! They gave me a breath of fresh air and inspiration for the biz - GIRL POWER! It is a little scary walking away from the corporate job and diving head first into this shabby glam business with my AMAZING mom. She is the creative genius that can see potential in a rusty, spring mattress or a 50 year old Christmas tree stand....that was pushing it =) I am trying to be the practical business savvy daughter that needs to learn to let go of practical, put the designer duds back in the closet and get dirty! I'm doing this with my best friend, aka the MeeMa, the lil' sweetie who has a heart of platinum and diamonds, and a passion for chippy rusty chic!

It's all or ....well, all - there is no other option! =) The little over achiever in me!

Glam - Glam - Glam - its what we love and do!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Under Major Construction

In the process of building inventory and getting the pictures! Stay tuned for our flea market travels and Lolo Chateau up-and-comings! Glam! Glam! Glam!